Latest news:

May 2010

22. May 2010: Show Arnhem, NL: Trever of the China's Joy

Exl., CAC, CACIB, BOS and therewith new Netherlands Champion

23. May 2010: Show in Saarbrücken, DE: Dai Lan Zung Tzung Le

Exl., VDH-Cha, CAC, CACIB, BOB and Saarland Siegerin 2010.


9. May - Europasieger Show in Dortmund

Judge: Wolfgang Heine, De

Diva got Europasiegerin 2010 with VDH-Cha, CAC, CACIB

and BOS.

7. May - Nat. Show in Dortmund

Diva got V1, VDH-Cha, CAC

1. May - Hillerød - Diva got Best female 3.


April 2010

10. april - Diva got Best Female 2 at the show in Gjern, DK

today - we are proud of her!

We are soooo proud - Diva's brother Di Ka got

BIS2 at the show in Stochholm, Sweden. Gratulations

to the owner and the breeder.


March 2010

Diva got her HD/ED result:

HD = A/B, ED = 2/3

We are started looking for a male for Diva.

We will write later about this!


November 2009

Diva - Best Bitch no. 5 in DK 2009


October 2009


Charleroi, BE 3. october 2009

Diva: Exellent, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Trever: Exellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB


Zwolle, NL 4. october 2009

Diva: Exellent, CAC, Best Bitch 2.

Trever: Exellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB


September 2009

More results:

Maastricht, Netherland 270909: Trever - exellent, CAC,

Res. CACIB. Diva: Exellent, Bedste Junior, CAC, BOS

and new Netherlands Junior Champion.

Brøndby 190909: Diva CAC, BOS


September 2009


Luxembourg 050909: Jugde: Theo Leenen, Belgien

Simba: Best Veteran, BOB

Trever: Luxembourg Champion

Diva: Luxembourg Junior Champion

Leipzig Nat. 120909: Jugde: Guido Schäfer, D.

Diva: Best Junior, BOB

Trever: Best male, BOS

Leipzig Int. 130909: Judge: Heidi Lux, D

Diva: Leipzig Jugend Siegerin 2009

Trever: Vdh-Cha, Res. CAC, Res. CACIB

Simba: Veteran Platz 1.


August 2009

Show in Fuglebjerg, DK 220809 - Judge: Rodney Oldham, GD

Diva: Exellent, BIK3

Show in Bremen 010809:

Trever BOB and Diva Best Junior


July 209

Show in Echt, Holland 040709:

Diva did it again: Exl.1, Best jugend, CAC, BOS

Trever got Exl. 2.


June 2009

Diva is now Germany Jugend Champion and

Germany Jugend Club Champion.


Mai 2009

National show in Oldenburg - Judge M. Forte, Irl.

Trever: Exellent 1, VDH-Cha, CAC, BOS

Bimbo: Exellent 1, Vdh-Cha, Res. CAC

Diva: Exellent 1, Jug. VDH-Cha, Jug. CAC

Simba: Exellent 1, Vet. VDH-Cha, Vet. CLUB CAC

Best Veteran og new GERMANY VDH CHAMPION



International show in Oldenburg - Judge Jutta Mayer, DE.

Trever: Exellent 1, VDH-Cha, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Bimbo: Exellent 1, Vdh-Cha, Res. CAC

Diva: Exellent 1, Jug. VDH-Cha, Jug. CAC

Simba: Exellent 1, Vet. VDH-Cha, Vet. CLUB CAC

Best Veteran.


Mai 2009

Show in Hedensted: Diva - Best Bitch 4

Show in Holland (april): Diva - Best junior, CAC, BOS,

Bimbo - Exellent, CACIB, Trever - Exellent, Res. CAC,


Show in Ålborg: Diva - Exellent 1, Qualify to Cruft 2010

Bimbo - Exellent 2


April 2009

Show in Berlin:


Diva: Best Puppy

Bimbo: VDH-CAC, Res. CAC, Res. CACIB

Simba: Best Veteran, Vet. VDH-CAC, Vet. Club CAC



Diva: Jugend classe - EXL.2, Res. Jun. VDH-CAC

Trever: EXL 1, VDH-CAC

Bimbo: EXL 2, Res. VDH-CAC

Simba: Best Veteran, Vet. VDH-CAC, Club Vet. CAC and BOB



Show in Gjern, DK

Diva: Jugend class: EXL1, Best Bitch no. 4. I am very proud of

her, she is only 9 month and 1 week old.


March 2009

Show in Årslev in february: Diva Best Chow Chow

Puppy and Best In Show 4 Puppy.

Show in Groeningen, Netherland: Trever EXL., Res. CAC,

Res. CACIB. Diva Best Puppy. Bimbo EXL. 1.


December 2008

Christmas Show DCCK 131208

Diva: Best Baby, Best Baby/Puppy,

Best showed Baby/Puppy


November 2008

Erritsø, DCCK 151108 Diva Best Baby

Brørup, Christmas show 231108: Diva

BIS Baby (out of 20)


October 2008

Charleroi, Belgien: Trever new International- and

Belgisk Champion.

Diva Best In Show Puppy

Bimbo: Exellent


September 2008 International dog show in Zwolle,

Holland. Trever: Exl., CAC, CACIB, BOB

Bimbo: Exl., CAC, CACIB, BOS


July 2008

130708 Trever is now also Danish Champion


June 2008

Basse is dead the 6 of june.

We are so sorry about that. Basse got only 8 years ole.

We miss him every day! He will always be in our hearts.


Mai 2008

Show in Giessen:

Trever - Exl., VDH-Cha, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Bimbo- Exl. 2, Res. Jgd. VDH-Cha, Res. Jgd. CAC


April 2008

Nørskov's Coca Cola's HD/AA results is: B/0


March 2008

Trever got father this morning to 1 male and 2 females.

Follow the puppies at


February 2008

Eindhoven, NL: Trever got Res. CACIB. Basse exl. 1 in

Champion class. Bimbo was out of total out of coat.


January 2008

Show in Mouscron, Belgien: Trever got CAC, CACIB

and BOS. It is his second CAC in Belgium and his third

CACIB. Bimbo got Best Jugend.

Trever got the confirmation at his new title: French Champion.

He is the first danish owned chow chow who got this title.

Trever got visit of Rosenvænget Bine. She is a nice danish

Champion, fawn colour. We hope there will come puppies

about 20 of March.



November 2007

Herning, DK: Trever got CAC and best male no. 3

Bimbo got Best Puppy


October 2007

Trever got Germany Champion (DCHVDH) in October

2007. He also got CACIB in Germany.


September 2007

Trever got his third CAC in France.

Three shows in France - Three Certifications.

Show in Oostende, Belgium: Trever got CAC, CACIB

and BOB. Bimbo got BEST IN SHOW 3 (puppy).

Show in Billund, DK: Trever BIS1 and Bimbo BIS3